About Camonets

We are the UK’s leading supplier of new and used camouflage netting. Our wide range of camo nets is always in stock and ready to send within hours of your order. We specialise in customised net for large scale projects. We also sell made-to-measure camouflage for commercial and industrial customers and individual clients.

Camouflage netting was first used by the military to keep troops safe. Early versions (late 19th century) were bright and colourful, and could be seen from a mile away.

This meant soldiers kept getting shot at, so the design changed.

Today, we supply camo netting to corporate clients, such as film studios and safari parks.

A good camo net can also help the birdwatcher, and they are often used in theme parks too.

UK Number 1 Supplier of Camo Netting

As the UK’s number one supplier, we offer camo netting in a range of styles, from black camouflage to desert pattern. We even offer a pure white camo net (perfect if you’re out spotting polar bears, but we wouldn’t recommend that).

With clients like 20th Century Fox, Pinewood Studios and Center Parcs, we’ve been keeping the UK covered for years.

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