Fire Retardant Camo Netting

Fire Retardant Camouflage Nets

At Camonets, we do everything to ensure that our customers receive high quality, safe camouflage. As part of our safety efforts, we ensure that our range of fire retardant nets meets the British Standard Test BS 5867. We are the only camo nets supplier in Europe to ensure that our nets meet this standard.

Each year our fire retardant camo nets are independently tested in a UK lab to ensure that they meet the strict fire retardant regulations. Explore our range of fire retardant camo netting below.

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Industries that Use Fire Retardant Camo Netting

While the military traditionally uses camo nets, many industries use them as well, such as:

  • Film studies
  • TV stations
  • Theme Parks
  • Zoos and safari parks
  • Theatres

Many of these industries have stringent fire safety rules and need to ensure that the products they use are safe and certified. As Camonets fire retardant camo netting is certified, many household names use our camo nets, such as:

  • Center Parks
  • BBC
  • Thorpe Park
  • 20th Century Fox
  • Wimbledon
  • Glastonbury Festival
Shipping for Fire Retardant Camo Netting

We use Parcelforce to deliver our camo nets, and our shipping costs start at £4.49 for UK mainland delivery. We calculate international shipping costs once you have placed your order, and we will email you with the costs.

Want to know more about our fire retardant camo netting? Get in touch with us today, and we’ll do everything we can to help. Email or call us on 01527 559205