Triangle Sun Shade

Triangle Sun Shade Camo Netting

Our triangle camo nets are perfect for sunshade. Whether you’re looking for camouflage netting for gardens, events or something completely different, our triangle camouflage nets are ideal. These triangle shade nets are fire retardant and available in white, desert, grey, and woodland camouflage. All our triangle shade nets are fire retardant to British standards. Explore our selection below.
These Triangle Camo Nets are Fire Retardant and available in White, Desert, Grey, and Woodland Camouflage. You can choose the size from 2.5m x 2.5m, 3m x 3m, 4m x 4m and 5m x 5m

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Industries That Use Camouflage Netting for Shade

While camo netting is traditionally associated with the military, many other industries use it for a wide array of purposes. One of the most common is to use military netting for shade. Many landscape gardeners use a triangle shade net in their client’s gardens to create an area away from sunlight. Using triangular camouflage netting like ours allows some light to pass through, which creates a pleasant dappled light effect on patios and deckings. 

But it’s not just gardeners that use camo netting to create shade. Events organisers also use it at festivals like Glastonbury to create shaded areas for both acts and guests at the event. 

Certified Fire Retardant Triangle Netting for Shade

At Camonets, we know the importance of safety at events which is why all of our triangular camouflage nets are certified fire retardant. We independently test each net at regular intervals to ensure that they meet British Standards Test BS 5867. When you order from us, contact us if you require a copy of a fire retardant certificate to assure you that our nets are safe to use in all environments

Camonets Orders and Delivery

If you’re looking to create a shade feature in a client’s garden or create a respite area away from the sun for event-goers, our triangle sun shades are an ideal solution. To order yours, simply choose the colour you require and the sizes and then press “add to basket”. After you’ve given us your delivery and payment details, we’ll handle the rest. 

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