White Camo Netting

White Camo Netting

White camo netting is a surprisingly popular choice all year round and not just around wintertime for all of those snowy, Christmas themed settings. At Camonets, we supply a vast range of white camo netting options. This includes reinforced fire-retardant netting and off-the-roll camouflage netting.

Ordering White Camo Net from Camonets

Camonets are suppliers of high-quality, white camo nets of all widths and lengths.
Whatever size of white camouflage netting you are looking for, we can customise it to your requirements. When you are buying white coloured camouflage netting, you need to be wary of sub-standard nets that will discolour or stain easily. All of our camouflage netting is rot and mould resistant, shower resistant and UV treated. These treatments ensure it stays white for longer.

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Uses for White Camo Netting

A vast array of industries and professionals use our white camouflage netting in projects and events worldwide. White camouflage nets lend themselves to creating winter and arctic scenes, making them popular with theatres, film studios and event organisers. Alongside creating snowy scenes, they’re a great way to hide and conceal equipment on stage and sets. 

At Camonets, we’re proud to supply some high profile clients, such as: 


* National Theatre

* Royal Opera House

* Pinewood Studios.

How to Order Your White Camo Netting

If you’ve got a project in the pipeline that needs white camouflage netting, you’re in the right place. To order your camo netting, simply select from the products above. Our range includes fire retardant nets plus custom-size netting, so there’s something to suit all requirements. 

Once you’ve picked, simply find the size you need and press “add to basket” and follow the instructions given. For more information about delivery and shipping, read our shipping information.