Arctic Camo Net

  • 210T Strong, lightweight material
  • Rot/Mould resistant, UV treated, shower resistant,
  • Includes net backing for extra strength
  • Cord around the edge and loops in the 4 corners
  • Lengths from 2m x 3m to 10m x 10m metres

From: £29.98

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Arctic Camouflage Netting

In the world of camouflage, staying undetected is paramount. Whether it’s military operations, wildlife photography, or outdoor adventures, the need for effective concealment cannot be underestimated. In this article, we will explore the power of Arctic Camo Netting and how it provides the ultimate solution for stealth and protection.

Ultraviolet light has shorter wavelengths than visible light and cannot be seen by the human eye. Arctic Camouflage Netting features a high UV reflectance, enabling it to blend seamlessly into any environment where UV light is present.

Arctic Nets need to be lightweight for easy transport and deployment. Our net is both strong and lightweight, making it convenient for many purposes event and outdoor activities. Despite its lightweight construction, it is remarkably durable and can even withstand the harsh conditions of the arctic environment.

Arctic Camo Net is available in range of over 20 sizes from 2m x 3m up to 10m x 10m.

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2m x 3m – £29.98, 2m x 5m – £52.98, 2m x 7m – £74.98, 3m x 3m – £47.98, 3m x 4m – £64.98, 3m x 5m – £79.98, 4m x 4m – £84.98, 4m x 5m – £104.98, 5m x 5m – £129.98, 6m x 3m – £96.98, 6m x 4m – £124.98, 6m x 5m – £157.98, 6m x 6m – £189.98, 8m x 4m – £169.98, 8m x 5m – £209.98, 9m x 3m – £144.98, 9m x 6m – £284.98, 10m x 5m – £264.98, 10m x 10m – £524.98