British Army Camouflage Netting

All of the Army Woodland Camouflage Netting sold in this section are individual nets which come direct from the manufacturer, meaning they are Not Offcuts from larger size nets. Also, they come with cord around the edges and loops in all 4 corners.

Tried and tested in the most hostile of environments all over the globe, this Army Woodland Netting offers a good range of concealment and has proved to be a real success for all military force where it has been used for a whole range of purposes.

If you require a different size of Army Camo Netting, please call us On 01527 559205
All of our camo nets can easily be cut and joined with cable ties as pictured to make the exact size you require.

From: £24.98


British Army Woodland Camo Nets

    • Military Camo Netting, as used by the British Army and other members of NATO.
    • Sizes range from 2m x 1.5m to 11m x 11m.
    • Rot / Mould Resistant, UV Treated, Shower Resistant.
    • This netting Has A 80% Leaf Coverage.
    • Offers a good range of concealment whatever the conditions.


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2.25m x 2.25m – £24.98, 3m x 3m – 1.3kg – £39.98, 4.5m x 2.25m – 1.5kgs – £49.98, 6m x 3m – 3kg – £79.98, 4.5m x 4.5m – 3kg – £89.98, 5m x 5m – 6.25kg – £111.98, 9m x 3m – 4.3kg – £119.98, 12m x 3m – 6kg – £159.98, 6m x 6m – 6kg – £159.98, 9m x 4.5m – 6kg – £179.98, 9m x 6m – 9kg – £239.98, 11m x 5.5m – 8.5kg – £268.98, 12m x 6m -12kg – £319.98, 9m x 9m – 12.5kg – £349.98, 11m x 11m – 19kg – £498.98