Tan Camouflage Net

  • Sizes range from 2m x 3m to 12m x 12m
  • Rot / Mould Resistant, UV Treated, Shower Resistant.
  • Non-toxic and friendly to our fragile environment.
  • This Reinforced Netting Has A 90% Leaf Coverage

If you require anything outside of this size range se our Custom Size department.

Need Extra Desert Cord for Your Custom Size Net?
Click Here Desert Camo Cord

From: £32.88

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This Tan Camouflage Netting is available in a range of fixed sizes from 2m x 3m up to 15m x 10m. All are individual made nets with cord around the edge and loops in all 4 corners.

Additional Cord may be purchased to enable you to customise any nets with additional loops to meet your own requirements.
Click Here Desert Camo Cord

If you require any size outside of this size range see our Custom Size department.
To see the size options Click Here

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2m x 3m – £32.98, 2.5m x 3m – £44, 2m x 4m – £49.84, 2m x 5m – £59.98, 2m x 6m – £69.98, 2m x 8m – £94.68, 2.5m x 5m – £69.98, 2.5m x 7.5m – £98.98, 3m x 4m – £68.98, 4m x 6m – £124.98, 5m x 5m – £129.98, 5m x 7.5m – £189.98, 5m x 10m – £249.98, 6m x 4m – £133.98, 6m x 12m – £394.98, 7m x 7m – £299.98, 7.5m x 7.5m – £299.98, 9m x 3m – £149.98, 9m x 9m – £439.98, 10m x 10m – £549.98, 11m x 11m – £649.98, 12m x 6m – £394.98, 12m x 12m – £784.98, 15m x 10m – £799.98

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