Woodland Jungle Camouflage Netting

Reinforced Woodland Camo Netting featuring net backing for extra strength. This Woodland Camo Net is versatile and great for a range of outdoor uses. It is perfect for shading garden areas or creating hides for birdwatching or hunting. Made from high-quality camo fabric, Reinforced Woodland Nets are ideal for all projects.

From: £43.98


Woodland Jungle Camo Net

  • Rot / Mould Resistant, UV Treated, Shower Resistant.
  • Sizes range from 3m x 3m to 12m x 15m.
  • Non-toxic and friendly to the environment.
  • This Reinforced Netting Has A 89% Leaf Coverage.
  • Made from a lightweight and rustle free material.

If you require anything outside this size range please call us on 01527 559205, we will be very happy to help.

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3m x 3m – £43.98, 3m x 4.5m £65.98, 3m x 6m – £84.98, 3m x 7.5m – £108.98, 3m x 9m – £129.98, 3m x 12m – £169.98, 3m x 15m 224.98, 4m x 10m £189.98, 5m x 10m – £239.98, 5m x 15m – £359.98, 6m x 6m – £169.98, 6m x 9m – £254.98, 6m x 12m – £339.98, 6m x 15m – £424.98, 9m x 9m – £389.98, 9m x 12m – £519.98, 12m x 12m – £689.98, 12m x 15m – £849.99