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White Military Camouflage Netting

Camouflage Netting

We are the UK’s leading supplier of new and used camouflage netting. Our wide range of camo nets is always in stock and ready to send within hours of your order. We also specialise in customised net for large scale projects, made-to-measure camouflage for commercial and industrial customers and versatile nets for individual clients.

Not sure which style or size you need? Call and talk to us first. We’re experts at camouflaging everything from a major film location to a single wildlife photographer and we will have the right net for you. read more

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Everyone Needs Camo Nets

Camonets’ camouflage works so well, it’s easy to miss. But our non-toxic and tough nets are now first choice for top UK zoos and animal parks. We also supply major movie studios, TV production companies and theatres with a variety of styles and colours. And we’re today’s go-to for festival organisers and corporate event managers. Theme parks, adventure playgrounds and leading leisure brands choose our hardwearing, great value netting to weather anything that comes their way. And, of course, Camonets’ tried and test products are the natural selection for hunting, fishing and birdwatching.

Multi-Function, All Purpose Camouflage

Camouflage has come a long way since the early days when 14th century Ninjas carried out nocturnal assassinations dressed head to toe in black. The art of deceiving the human eye is now a multi-billion-pound industry and often a matter of life and death. But, even if you’re just shading glamping festival goers with cool desert camo or blanking out modern day Manchester with snow white arctic cover, Camonets still take your choice of netting seriously.

Easy to Use and Eco-Friendly Netting

And we’re devoted to keeping you safe and sound too. So, from flame-retardant covering for big events to eco-conscious options for animal enclosure and landscaping, our nets meet the highest safety standards with less environmental impact.

Camonets net is used all over the UK today in more ways than you can imagine. If you haven’t spotted us, it’s because we’re doing a great job. But we are always delighted to break cover to talk about camouflage. Contact us on 01527 559205 and we’ll find your perfect disguise.