The Advantages of Camouflage Tarpaulin

Camouflage tarps offer many advantages. Very easy to install, they provide effective protection against bad weather and prying eyes. Their uses are similar to those of military nets, but their characteristics remain specific.

Benefits of a camouflage tarpaulin

A camouflage cover can be easily installed in any environment. It protects against the wind if it is placed vertically, or from the rain if it is positioned horizontally. The camouflage military tarpaulin is made from materials that dry very quickly, which allows it to be stored quickly when needed. The camouflage cover is light and not bulky. It can be easily attached to any type of support, natural or designed for this purpose. The tarpaulins are designed to be strong and resistant but differences may exist depending on the quality of manufacture.

Other advantages of camouflage tarps

Camouflage tarps can also be used as ground cover. This can be very handy when camping or for a picnic. If you want to weed a piece of land in an ecological way, just place a tarp on the ground and you will prevent the grass from growing. Tarps are most often made of waterproof polyethylene or nylon, materials that are particularly easy to live with and require little maintenance. You just need to make sure the tarp is completely dry before folding it up and putting it away. If you have bought a very large tarp, you can cut it again with a simple pair of scissors. Tarps can be used at home to protect garden furniture, a vehicle or a workbench, either permanently or temporarily.

Characteristics of a camouflage cover

The camouflage canvas can be used as a decoration or a sun shade. Most models are UV treated and anti-mold, which extends the life of the equipment. Unlike military nets which have an interwoven openwork pattern, tarps have a layered appearance. Metal eyelets around the edge make it easy to attach. Camouflage fabric is useful for domestic use in gardens and stores and by professionals alike.

Install a camouflage curtain or tarp?

A camouflage curtain can be very easily made with a net or canvas. The net is particularly light. It can be gathered and held in place with a fabric tie, like a classic curtain. The camouflage curtain can be cut to size and since the edges do not fray, there is no need to hem. The camouflage curtain can be installed in a bedroom or in the living room and can also serve as a separation between two rooms, or to divide up spaces. Netting products suitable for creating these mesh curtains are available in a wide range of colors and to match any style.

Camouflage tarpaulin covers

The most common camo tarps have woodland patterns, directly inspired by the military universe. Army tarps are used to camouflage vehicles, equipment or men in operation. They must be installed quickly and be able to be removed easily. These accessories are essential to ensure the safety of the troops thanks to their strong power of concealment. These same qualities are very appreciable for all those who practice nature hobbies and who need to remain discreet, such as hunters, fishermen, hikers or wildlife photographers. Camouflage tarps can be used to quickly build shelters or blinds on any type of terrain

Disadvantages of a camouflage blanket

Camouflage fabric can be relatively heavy when it is large. If you take it with you in a backpack, it can be bulky. When it rains, the tarp can form pockets of water that are difficult to remove without getting wet. The tarp is also noisier than the net in rain, which can be annoying if you have to hide from wildlife, for example. The military camouflage cover is less ventilated than the net. This can have the disadvantage of offering less ventilation in hot weather. If you are using a camouflage cover indoors, we strongly recommended you opt for a flame retardant camouflage cover. Carefully check the specification of your camouflage net or camo tarp for it’s fire retardant capabilites before purchasing because not all tarpaulins are. If you are hesitating between purchasing a camouflage military tarp or an army net, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service by email or phone where we will be happy to help you identify the best product to meet your needs.