What is a Shade Net?

A shading net helps protect a terrace or pergola against the sun and heat. Triangle camouflage nets are totally suitable for this use and they are available in a wide range of sizes and colors.

What is a Triangle shade net for?

The purpose of a Triangle shade net is to protect against the sun’s rays. This type of net can be made of polyethylene or polyester, with a concealment rate ranging from 45% to 100%. Edges can be raw or finished. For longer life, shade nets are generally treated against UV rays and are rot-proof. They can be installed on the first sunny days and be folded up and put away at the end of the season. The camouflage nets offered in our shop are perfectly suited for this type of use. Their openwork pattern filters air and light while providing good protection against the sun. They lower the temperature felt by several degrees.

What are the advantages of a shade net?

Shade nets offer multiple advantages. They are easy to install, even by those new to DIY or decorating. Their original design suits all styles. They are available in a growing range of classic or trendy colors. As this equipment is designed, at the base, to be used in a military context, it is very robust and resistant, while being very light. Their storage is particularly easy, with minimal bulk. The shading net helps protect against the sun, but also against rain, wind and prying eyes. It helps you extend the life of your garden furniture without any maintenance.

Can we use a shade net on a pergola?

Installing a shade net for a pergola allows you to enjoy the garden even when it is very hot, or on the contrary when it rains lightly. Camouflage nets used as shading are very easy to install. They are held in place with rope, straps or plastic ties. With their great variety of sizes, they are suitable for all sizes of pergolas. They can easily be cut with scissors, without the need to hem. If you can’t find a net in the size you want, our custom-made shade nets are without a doubt the perfect solution for a pergola shade net.

How to shade a terrace?

If you want to have a shaded patio without investing in expensive or difficult to install equipment, the easiest way is to place a shade net on your outdoor space. A patio shade net made from a camouflage net is more ventilated than an awning fabric, which makes it more pleasant in the event of high heat or heat waves. It does not form pockets of water when it rains. If your patio is very windy, you can opt for reinforced netting which will provide additional protection against the elements. The military shade netting is both economical and easy to use.

Are there more specific uses?

Some shade nets, other than military camouflage nets, are intended for more specific uses, such as shade nets for crops and gardens. The purpose of this equipment is to provide protection against both birds and insects, and against drying out. The shade net can also protect young plants from wind and weather. In this case, it is necessary to opt for equipment specially designed for this purpose.

How to choose the right shade net?

Our customer service is at your disposal to advise you on your purchase of a pergola shade net or a patio shade net. As specialists in military shading netting, we offer high-quality articles at the best price. The net size should be defined according to the size of the support. Please take some measurements of the necessary dimensions before contacting us for advice.

Are all shade nets the same color?

The traditional military shading net is woodland type, that is, it offers a combination of khaki green, black and brown patterns. There are also beige sand nets. In addition to these classic colours, it is now possible to have a large palette of colors such as white, blue, red, pink or purple. Shading net for a terrace is really one of the major trends of the moment in terms of exterior decoration and is both practical and versatile.