Camouflage Netting for Hunting

Camouflage netting when used as a hunting blind

Camouflage netting offers multiple advantages for hunting. Perfect when you’re on the prowl, it’s lightweight and compact, yet it protects against bad weather while allowing you to observe wildlife with complete discretion.

Our camouflage nets are attracting more and more hunters, as well as all those who need to blend in with nature.

Camouflage net as a hunting blind

Camouflage nets were originally designed to conceal soldiers and their equipment. The goal is to see without being seen. Woodland or jungle type nets are particularly suited to forest environments. It is therefore natural that hunters adopted this type of equipment to camouflage themselves from wildlife. It is very easy to quickly make a hunting blind with a camouflage net. You can hang it between two trees or position it on shrubs. It is also possible to use a removable structure with telescopic stakes. The nets offer the same level of concealment on both sides.

A hunting camouflage netting can be very useful for all types of hunting. Sand-coloured camouflage netting may be preferable to woodland netting when it comes to simulating light vegetation, such as reeds or grasses. Army nets are anti-glare treated, making them undetectable in all weather conditions. Whether you hunt by the sea or in a swamp or on land, camouflage netting is a staple of any good hunter.

Benefits of camouflage nets for hunting

One of the main advantages of the hunting net is its lightness. You no longer need to burden yourself with heavy, unwieldy gear. The net can be attached to any type of frame, vertically or horizontally. You can use ties at your convenience: rope, straps or plastic ties. Military nets provide sufficient concealment power to effectively conceal oneself, in the range of 90 to 95 percent, while still letting air through. Which can be much more comfortable than a compact blind, particularly if your hunt lasts several hours in a row. You can design a closed, U-shaped or one-piece lookout. Camouflage nets are available in many sizes and you can also buy a custom net, fully tailored to your needs.

Are hunting nets sturdy?

As the nets used for hunting are originally designed for military use, they are both strong and resistant. They can be assembled and disassembled multiple times without deteriorating. Their texture and design means they resist tears. Thanks to their anti-UV treatment, they do not fade in the sun. They are also treated against mold and are therefore suitable for humid environments. The reinforced nets have a very strong mesh over their entire surface and perimeter. They therefore offer additional protection against the wind. If you will not be using your hunting net for a long time, you can store it in a shelter or garage. You just have to make sure that it is completely dry before storing it.

Other uses of camouflage netting

The purpose of a hunting net for birds or mammals is to be able to observe while remaining concealed. This is why this type of equipment is totally suitable for uses such as wildlife photography or video, or simply nature observation. It is also suitable for fishing in ponds or lakes. The hunting net for birds or other animals is very easy to transport and space-saving. You can easily slip it into your backpack with your binoculars and it will be of great service to you in any season.

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