Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for more information on our camonets? – look no further than our list of frequently asked questions, here you’ll find some of the common questions we get asked about our camouflage nets and camonetting.
How long will the camo net last?
This is impossible to answer as a general rule for all nets as it is entirely dependent on the use the net is put to. As a backdrop indoors in a theatre or film studio for example, it would be many years, outdoors in an extreme climate it would be considerably less. Camouflage netting is not meant to act like a sail. If it is being used as a sun shade and is left out in a tropical storm it will not survive. As with so many products, common sense is the guide.
Will the colour of Camouflage Netting last in the sun?
All of our Camo Netting is UV treated, However, the life of the colour will depend on the strength of the sun. This obviously varies greatly around the world. For that reason there can be no guarantee as to how long it will last. Used everyday in the UK it will last much longer than used everyday in the Sahara Desert.
What can camonetting be used for?
Camonetting can be used in lots of ways, in many industries, leisure activities and sports.

One example where camonets can be used in a leisure activity is paintballing

Camonets can be used in a paintballing set-up to create atmosphere and opportunities to conceal yourself from your opponent and protect yourself from the line of fire! Choose a camonet that matches well with the surroundings and accessories and create hiding areas where paintballers can hide from their paintball enemies. Two or more nets can be joined together to make larger nets, nets can be draped or hung over frames or large items and of course the nets can be moved around periodically to make exciting new paintball scenarios! In an outdoor, rural setting our woodland camonetting is perfect and offers a good match for most outdoor areas. For indoor use please take a look at our fire retardant camonetting range.

A large camonet or several camonets which have been joined together can be used to conceal something as large as a vehicle. In the hospitality, leisure or the entertainment industry a camonet may be used to conceal something unsightly or not in keeping with the theme or atmosphere they are trying to create. Our range of camonets caters for both indoor and outdoor settings with nets being UV treated and shower resistant and our fire retardant nets are a safe option for indoor use.

Our camonets are often purchased for outdoor use in the leisure industry to create a shaded area, or in an adventure playground or play area for children.

Camonets can be very effective for a number of outdoor pursuits such as birdwatching, photography, hunting, fishing and shooting. Our versatile, lightweight and durable camonets make it possible for you to disappear into your surroundings and make you less detectable to wildlife and animals.

Kids love camonets and the adventures they can help to create! Camonets are perfect for making camps or dens in the garden. Similarly, they make great indoor hide-outs in bedrooms and playrooms. Choose a fire retardant camonet for indoor use for extra safety.

Our lightweight camouflage nettings are easy to store between adventures and kids will enjoy remodelling their secret den over and over again.

Kids also love using camonets for room decoration.

What is the width of the camonetting?
Our range of camonets come in a variety of different sizes with 2m, 3m, 4m, 5m and 6m widths available in most colours. The sizes available varies for each type of camonet and the width, length and price of the net is displayed on our website for each product.

As well as selling pre-cut camonets of a specific size we also offer custom sized camonets and camonets in longer lengths. These bespoke camonets are cut directly off the roll which means you can specify the length of net you need in yards or metres to get a continuous length. Our longer length camonets come in various widths too, Click this link to see the available range, Longer Length Camo Nets

Custom sized camonets and the option to buy netting in longer lengths makes tackling larger projects easier.

If you cannot get the exact size camonet you need you can join two order more nets together using Camo Cord in a matching colour. See the colour choices Camo Cord Available Colours

Will the colour of Camouflage Netting last in the sun?
All of our Camo Netting is UV treated, However, the life of the colour will depend on the strength of the sun. This obviously varies greatly around the world. For that reason there can be no guarantee as to how long it will last. Used everyday in the UK it will last much longer than used everyday in the Sahara Desert.
What colour camonetting do you sell?
We sell a whole range of different coloured camo nets to include Woodland Camo, Desert Camonets, White Camouflage Netting, Black Camonets, Light Grey and Charcoal Camonetting, Pink Camonets, Red Camo Nets, Blue Camonets, Yellow Camo Netting. Please get in touch if you have any specific colour requirements, we may be able to help.
Do your camonets come with any guarantee?
Our camonets do not come with any specific guarantee however we are confident that you will be satisfied with the quality of our nets. The lifespan of a camonet will depend on where it is and what it’s being used for.
Is it possible to join two or more camonets together?
You can join two or more camonets together using Camo Cord. Camo Cord is available to purchase at in a choice of four colours, Woodland, Desert, White and Black. Simply use the camo cord to join together two nets or to add extra loops to your camonetting for hanging. Camo Cord is useful for adding extra loops to the corners of your camo netting. If you need to cut your camo netting you can repair the side that has been cut using the cord.
There is a choice of 4 colours of Camo Cord, Woodland, Desert, White and Black. Camo Cords is avilable in various lengths, starting from 10m up to 40m. Camo Cord For Joining Nets
How do I join two camonets together?
Camo Cord can be purchased from our website in various colours to blend with your chosen camo netting. Simply use this to tie the two nets together. Alternatively, you may choose to use cable ties to join two camo nets together.
What kind of coverage do your camonets give? Can you see through them?
Most of our camonets offer a good deal of concealment whatever the conditions however this will vary between products. In general the percentage leaf coverage is stated in the product description as most of our nets have around 80-90% leaf coverage. Other factors that affect the overall effectiveness of the camonet in terms of concealment is how it is arranged and secured and also what it’s being used to conceal. In most tactical, wildlife watching, hunting, paintballing scenarios our camonets nets offer the optimium level of concealment. They are also effective in providing shade and purely for decoration purposes.
Do all of the camonets you sell have backing?
We sell two different types of camonetting, standard and re-inforced camonets. Our re-inforced nets are marked ‘with Backing’
What’s the difference between a camonet with a backing and one without?
A camonet with backing is reinforced and is therefore stronger and more durable than one without. All reinforced camonets are labelled ‘with Backing’.
Is it possible to get a sample of a particular camonet before I make my purchase?
Samples of camonets can be purchased on our website. Our sample camonets are 1m x 1m for the camouflage nets that have the net backing and 1.5m x .075m for camo Nets that do Not have the net backing. This will give you a very good indication of the quality and suitability of the camonet you are interested in.

To view our range of Camo Netting samples Click This Link Camo Net Samples

Are your camonets fire retardant?
Our range of camonets includes some nets which are fire retardant and some which are not. Our website has a department specifically for fire retardant camonets and each fire retardant product is labelled and names as such. The product description states that fire retardant Camonets are Fire Retardant to British Standards BS 5867: Part 2: 2008. All fire retardant camonetting products are safe to British fire safety regulations and are safe for indoor use. Fire-safe nets also non-toxic and environmentally friendly.
Will the camonet rot or become mouldy if it gets wet?
Our camonet products are rot / mould resistant, UV Treated and shower resistant.
What is the largest size camonet you sell?
Our longer length camonets can be supplied in up to 40 metres lengths and with widths of up to 7 metres. It is, however, possible to join two or more camonets together using co-ordinating camo cord or cable ties to make an even larger camonet for larger projects. Our custom sized camo netting order allows you to choose the length and width or your net at the point of purchase and we will cut your camonet to size before sending it to you. Camonets allows you to buy by the yard or metres in a variety of widths and in many colours and styles. Longer length camonets, custom made camonet ordering, camo nets by the yard/meter and of course the ability to join camonets together means there’s great flexibility in terms of larger sized camonets. If you have a large project and you have a particular size of camonet in mind please feel free to contact us for advice and assistance in the easiest and most cost-effective way of measuring up!
Are you camonet sizes exact?
We try our very best to cut camonets as close to required size as possible, however there will always need to be a certain degree of tolerance, allow +/- 3%
How do I know what type of camonet to order?
The type of camonet required will depend on what you intend to use it for. If your camonet is intended for indoor use we recommend a fire retardant net for safety purposes. A re-inforced net may not be required where a net is being used for indoor decorative purposes only. Please contact us with any specific requirements or details of the project your camonet is required for and we will do our best to find a suitable camonet in our range to meet your needs.
How long will it take for my camonet order to reach me?
We aim to prepare and dispatch orders received before midday on the same day however this is not guaranteed. Order received at the weekend or on holidays will be sent out on the next working day.
We use a variety of shipping methods depending on the size of the order and the postal destination. These include Royal Mail, Parcelforce 24 and Parcelforce 48 therefore the length of time for delivery may vary from order to order. Weekends and holidays are not considered delivery days. Once an order is with the relevant courier / carrier we have no control over the delivery time. Please click here to see further Shipping Information
Where do you ship camonets to? Do you ship worldwide?
We ship camonets internationally to all destinations. We will calculate the shipping costs for your country and email them to you.
Are your camonets re-inforced?
Not all of our camonets are re-inforced. Re-inforced nets are marked clearly on our website with the words ‘with Backing’.
Do you camonets meet British Standards?
Our Fire Retardant Camonets conform to British fire safety regulations and are safe for indoor use. Fire Retardant nets are Retardant to British Standards BS 5867: Part 2: 2008.
Do you sell camonetting accessories?
We sell a range of camo cords which can be used to join camonets together and may also be used as edging cord. Camo Cord can be used in the installation and for securing camonets in position in addition to or instead of cable ties. Camo Cord is available to purchase in Woodland, Desert, White and Black in 10m, 20m, 30m and 40m lengths.
Do you sell custom size camonetting?
You can order camonets from us in a variety of widths and lengths. When ordering a custom size camo net you choose the dimensions and we cut the net to your specification.
Are you camonets suitable for indoor or outdoor use?
We sell camonets for both indoor and outdoor use. For indoor use we recommend a fire retardant camonet