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Camouflage Nets: Essential Gear for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Camouflage nets, commonly referred to as camo nets, are lightweight, durable fabrics designed to blend into natural surroundings. These nets are typically made from a combination of textiles and materials that mimic various environmental elements like foliage, sand, or snow.Read More

Ultimate Guide to Military-Grade Camouflage Nets

Camouflage has always been an essential tool in the art of warfare. From ancient warriors using foliage to blend into their surroundings to modern soldiers employing advanced camo gear, the principle remains the same: to see without being seen.Read More

How to Create Camouflage Hides Using Camo Netting

Camouflage has long been a vital tool for those who wish to observe or interact with nature without being detected. Whether you’re a wildlife photographer waiting for the perfect shot, a bird watcher hoping to catch a rare species in action, or a hunter seeking a successful outing, blending seamlessly into your surroundings is key.Read More

Camouflage Netting: A Comprehensive Guide

Camouflage Netting is an essential tool used for concealment and protection in various environments. It is widely used by military forces, hunters, wildlife photographers and outdoor enthusiasts to blend into their surroundings effectively.Read More

Triangle Sunshade

A Triangle Sunshade made with camo netting is a product designed to shield you from the rays of the sun.Read More

The Easiest Way to Make Camouflage Hides with Camo Netting

Creating Camouflage Hides using woodland camouflage netting is a great way to blend into your natural surroundings for hunting, wildlife observation, or other outdoor activities. Here are the steps to make camouflage hides:Read More

Camouflage Hides

Camouflage hides play a role in activities such as military operations, hunting, wildlife and observation. They keep individuals or objects hidden and reduce the likelihood of being noticed in their environments.Read More

Army Nets

Army Nets

play a vital role in modern military operations. With its many patterns and applications, it allows troops to effectively blend into their surroundings. This increases safety and provides a tactical advantage. From woodland and desert environments to urban landscapes and naval operations, camouflage netting is a versatile tool. Read More

Top 5 Outdoor Privacy Screen Ideas

Over the last few years, many of us have been spending more and more time in our gardens. Lockdowns and restrictions meant that many people used their gardens to see people safely throughout the pandemic. Home gardening sky-rocketed as amateur horticulturalists picked up their secateurs and got their hands muddy, making their gardens look great.Read More

Dappled Light with Camo Netting

Whether you’re filming a scene, taking a photograph or simply sitting in your garden, sunlight can be your best friend — or your worst enemy. Read More

Five Industries That Use Military Camouflage

Military camouflage netting is typically something that we associate with soldiers and warfare. But it’s not only the armed forces that use camo nets. The visual deception that camouflage provides makes it perfect for many other industries. Read More

Types of Camouflage Patterns in Armies Around the World

From the number of films we see that use military camouflage, you’d assume that camouflage has been a staple of military uniform and equipment for hundreds of years. You’d also assume that there are a limited number of camo patterns available. But camouflage has only been used in the military for just over a hundred years, and there are hundreds of different camouflage patterns used by armies worldwide.Read More

Camouflage Props in Film, TV and Theatre

The first thing that springs to mind when you think about camouflage and camouflage netting isn’t the theatrical arts, is it? The majority of us would instantly think of how the military uses camouflage. At a stretch, we’d maybe think about movies we’ve seen camouflage in.Read More

Woodland Netting for Hunting and Shooting

Camouflage netting offers multiple advantages for hunting. Perfect when you’re on the prowl, it’s lightweight and compact, yet it protects against bad weather while allowing you to observe wildlife with complete discretion.Read More

The Advantages of Camouflage Tarpaulin

Camouflage tarps offer many advantages. Very easy to install, they provide effective protection against bad weather and prying eyes. Their uses are similar to those of military nets, but their characteristics remain specific.Read More

Why Choose Camonet by the Metre?

Buying a camouflage net by the metre offers many advantages:

A wide choice of sizes and colours and an advantageous price. As a manufacturer, offers a wide range of camouflage fabric by the metre. If you need you camouflage net to be 3m wide by 4m long you really don’t want to have to buy a size 3m x 6m and cut it down yourself and have some offcut you can’t use. Well now you don’t have to because we offer camo nets
off a roll that allow you to choose the length you need for your project. Decide the width you need then choose from a range of lengths from 3m up to 30m. No more waste.Read More

What is a Shade Net?

A shading net helps protect a terrace or pergola against the sun and heat. Triangle camouflage nets are totally suitable for this use and they are available in a wide range of sizes and colors.Read More

Camonets at Center Parcs are the UK’s number one supplier of new and used camonets and netting. Our extensive range of camo net colours, sizes and styles makes us the first choice for families, individuals, small businesses and groups as well as professional organisations and large nationwide, even worldwide businesses. Read More

Value Your Site Equipment?

Our camonets are a great way of protecting your valuable plant and site equipment. We’ve found a huge increase in the number of building and construction companies that are using our camonets and netting to hide their expensive plant and construction equipment. It also helps conceal and hide construction sites from the public.

Custom Size Camo Netting

If you’re looking for made to measure camonets and camo-netting to your exact requirements we can help. Read More