Custom Size Camo Net

Custom Size Camo Net by the metre gives you the exact size you need for any project. Our custom-cut nets are available in various colours from woodland to black or white.

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Blend Easily with Custom Size Camouflage Netting

We supply customised woodland camo nets in large sizes to mimic natural habitats in zoos and wildlife parks. The intense leaf coverage and flexible construction is also ideal for smaller-scale nets to reduce glare on camera lenses, conceal fishing rods and hide hunters and birdwatchers. We provide white, black, grey, woodland and desert custom size netting. All you need to do is select your length and width, and we’ll do the rest. Each camouflage net comes with cord loops in each corner to hang the netting in position.

Design and Decorate with Custom Camo

Made-to-measure camouflage netting is rarely available from other suppliers. Our custom size camo nets are popular for outdoor adventure playgrounds and indoor play areas. Festival organisers choose Camonets’ tailored camouflage netting to conceal and protect equipment on-stage and create flexible barriers, weather proofing and shade for campsites. Film and TV studios rely on customisable nets on location and in the studio to keep costs down and cover productions from start to finish.

ZLS London Zoo is Wild About Camo Nets

Go meet the monkeys and primates at ZSL London Zoo and you can see Camonets’ made-to-measure netting integrated into the design of their award-winning enclosures. Our non-toxic and eco-friendly woodland netting helps to simulate an organic habitat for climbing and playing. It also provides low-maintenance, year-round foliage allowing visitors to observe animals unobtrusively in their natural environment.

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If you require a size that isn’t listed here, please call us. We will give you a quote and discuss the available options. Call 01527 559205 for your custom sized netting quote.