Black Camo Netting

Black Camo Netting

Black camouflage netting is ideal for creating a dark space in theatres, music and event venues. It can help you to obscure anywhere you need to hide from sight. We supply black camo netting for all types of purposes where it is necessary to conceal areas from view, or simply to provide a dark backdrop so that other aspects stand out in front of it.

Buy black camo netting in any size you require, simply select your required length and width, and we will supply you with the exact dimensions you need.

Take a look at our black camo netting options and order your required size.


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Looking for fire retardant black camouflage netting?

We have a huge range of black camo net options, including fire-retardant black camouflage netting with net backing. Our fire-retardant camouflage netting is to British Standards BS 5867: Part 2: 2008. It also comes with a strong black cord to enable you to easily fix into the required position.