Black Camo Netting

Black Camo Netting

Black Camouflage Netting is ideal for creating a dark space in theatres, music and event venues. It can help you to obscure anywhere you need to hide from sight. We supply black camo netting for all types of purposes where it is necessary to conceal areas from view, or simply to provide a dark backdrop so that other aspects stand out in front of it.

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 We have a range of Black Camo options. Choose from Fire Retardant Black Camouflage Netting with Backing, Black Camo Net No Backing or Custom Size Black Camouflage Net with backing

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Uses for Black Camo Netting

Black camo is one of our most popular products; it’s perfect for many industries. One industry that uses black camouflage netting frequently is the dramatic arts. Theatres and film studios regularly use black camo to conceal stage and set equipment and create dark space. At Camonets, we’re proud to supply black camouflage netting to: BBC and ITV

* Pinewood and Fox Studios

* Glastonbury Festival

* National Theatre

* Royal Opera House.

But alongside being perfect for building sets and hiding equipment, you can also use it for decoration. Black decorative camo netting is a popular choice with interior designers and landscape gardeners to create light effects, shaded areas and privacy screens.

Fire Retardant Black Camouflage Netting

As our black camouflage netting is popular with theatres, film studios and event organisers, it needs to meet their health and safety requirements. For that reason, many of our black camo nets are fire retardant.  Our fire-retardant camouflage netting is to British Standards BS 5867: Part 2: 2008.
When you order fire retardant camo netting from Camonets, we can email you a copy of the fire retardant certificate should you need it. We do this to assure you that our products are safe to be used in all environments.

Ordering Camo Netting from Camonets

Camonets are the UK’s leading supplier of camouflage netting. We supply a massive range of clients worldwide, and it’s easy to join their ranks. Simply choose the black camouflage netting you need for your next project from the selection above.

Once you’ve found the perfect product for you, just choose the size you need and click “add to basket”. After you’ve provided payment and delivery details, we’ll handle everything. 

Want more information about camouflage netting? Check out our blog that is full of information and helpful tips for using our products. If you’ve got a question, please contact us, and we’ll do everything we can to help.