Longer Length Camo Nets

Large Camo Netting

Our Large Camo Nets are the ideal solution if you’re working on a big project that needs camo netting. Here at Camonets, we specialise in supplying our customers with precisely what they need, which is why we offer a range of large camo nets. These nets are suitable for covering large spaces, areas, and machinery. They’re also ideal for big events indoors and outdoors. The construction industry often uses a large camo net to disguise and conceal expensive equipment and machinery overnight to stop theft. Our range of selection of large camo nets means that wherever construction takes place, the camo net will successfully conceal anything that needs to be hidden.

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Uses for Longer Length Camouflage Netting

Longer Length camouflage netting is often used by events organisers to cover large spaces and areas. These can be used to conceal stage equipment or to create sun shades for performers and event guests. All of our longer length camo nets are fire retardant and treated to withstand good and bad weather, making them ideal for indoor and outdoor events. 

Certified Fire Retardant Large Camouflage Netting

At Camonets, we supply various clients with specific requirements to ensure the project’s safety. One of the most common requirements is fire safety, so most of our large camouflage nets are certified fire retardants. 

Out entire fire retardant range of camo netting is regularly independently tested in a UK lab to meet British standards test BS 5867. Camonets is the only European supplier of camouflage nettings that ensures our nets meet this requirement. When you order a fire retardant net, ask if you need a copy of the fire retardant certificate so that you can be sure your large camo net is safe to use.