Fire Retardant Camouflage Netting – FAQ

What standard are your Fire Retardant Camo Nets tested to?
Our Fire Retardant Camouflage Netting is tested by a world renowned British product testing laboratory group. Our Camo Nets are tested to meet British Standard 5867: Part 2: 2008 (BS 5867: Part 2: 2008) This standard is accepted by fire chiefs the world over for display at public events, in exhibition centres etc.
Are the Fire Rated Nets suitable to use outdoors?
They can be used outdoors in mild climates but if they get wet from rain or water from anywhere over time it will reduce the effectiveness of the Fire Retardant properties.
Do you sell used or second hand Fire retardant Camo Nets?
No, we do not sell used Fire Retardant Camo Netting as we could not guarantee the effectiveness of the Fire Retardant Treatment when the netting has been out of our control.
Are the Fire Retardant nets the same standard with or without the net backing?
Yes, it is the same standard for both the Fire Retardant Camouflage Netting with the reinforced net backing or without.
Is the Camouflage Net Fire Proof?
No, very few items are Fire Proof, like Asbestos. No Camo Netting could be Fire Proof. People often use one term when they mean the other. Fire Proof means it will not burn under any circumstances. Our Fire Retardant Camouflage Netting is, as it says, Fire Retardant, so it slows down the rate of burning. This is the Fire Department requirement for materials used in a public area.