Arctic Camouflage Net-Custom Size

  • Lightweight 210T Oxford Polyester Material
  • Rot/Mould resistant, UV treated, shower resistant,
  • Includes net backing for extra strength
  • White cord around the edge with loops in the 4 corners
  • Lengths up to 20m, widths from 2m up to 8m

£5.89 (Inc VAT) per m2

Total Area (sq m)
Product Price

Select your own size Arctic Camo Net. A choice of over 120 size options.

This Arctic Camouflage Netting is available in widths of 2m, 3m, 4m, 5m, 6m, 7m, 8m, and can be cut to any length (1 metre divisions) up to 20 metres long. The minimum length is 3m. Just select the width and length of the Arctic Netting size you require and we will make it for you. These Arctic Camouflage Nets includes net backing and a cord around the edge with loops in all corners.

Additional information


2m x 3m – £29.98, 2m x 5m – £52.98, 2m x 7m – £74.98, 3m x 3m – £47.98, 3m x 4m – £64.98, 3m x 5m – £79.98, 4m x 4m – £84.98, 4m x 5m – £104.98, 5m x 5m – £129.98, 6m x 3m – £96.98, 6m x 4m – £124.98, 6m x 5m – £157.98, 6m x 6m – £189.98, 8m x 4m – £169.98, 8m x 5m – £209.98, 9m x 3m – £144.98, 9m x 6m – £284.98, 10m x 5m – £264.98, 10m x 10m – £524.98