British Army Woodland Camo Nets

  • Sizes range from 2m x 3m to 12m x 9m
  • Rot / Mould Resistant, UV Treated, Shower Resistant
  • This British Army woodland netting Has 88% Leaf Coverage

Our British Army Woodland Camo Net is the same army netting used by the British armed forces. We source our netting directly from the manufacturer of military camouflage. It’s perfect for a vast range of industries and projects. Our army nets are edged with cord and have loops in each corner to easily hang the nets.
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army netting used by British and other militaries around the world, its uses extend well beyond the military. Hunters, anglers and campers use it to keep themselves hidden, but it’s also used by a range of potentially surprising industries, such as: 
* Theatres

* Film studios

* Music festivals

* Landscape gardeners

* Zoos and safari parks.

Alongside using army netting to camouflage and hide items, these industries use the nets to create natural-looking environments, add light effects and build privacy screens and sun shades. 

Features of British Army Netting

Our British woodland army netting is one of our most popular army nets. It’s available in sizes ranging from 2m x 3m up to 12m x 6m, meaning that you can find the perfect size for the project you’re working on. 
If you’re planning on using the army netting outside, this netting is rot and mould resistant, UV treated and shower resistant, which means that it is hardy to all weather conditions. It also has 90% leaf coverage, which offers an excellent concealment range in most conditions, but it also allows enough light through to create a privacy screen or sunshade. 
Woodland army netting has been tried and tested worldwide in hostile environments as it offers a great range of concealment in woodland and forest environments.

How to Order British Woodland Army Netting

Are you looking to order woodland army netting from Camonets? We’re here to help. To place your order, simply select the size of army netting you need and press “add to basket”. Once you’ve filled in your delivery and payment details, we’ll get straight to processing your order and getting it to you as soon as possible. 
Want to know more about British Woodland Army Netting? Get in touch with us by calling 01527 559205 or emailing us at Alternatively, check out our blog, where we regularly post updates and information about all things army netting.

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