Custom Size Desert Camo Netting

Our custom-size desert camouflage netting is used in a wide array of different industries, including film, theatre and events. If you’re working on a project and need a specific size of desert camo net, then this is the one for you.
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Uses for Desert Camouflage Netting

Our custom-size desert camouflage is a popular choice for our clients. The option to order in the size you need is something our clients cherish. At Camonets, we supply camouflage netting to a wide range of clients. While some of our clients use them to conceal and disguise features and equipment in the traditional way, many use them in less conventional ways. We’re honoured to have some high profile clients in various industries, such as: 


* Cadbury World

* Glastonbury Festival

* ZSL London Zoo.

As you can see, our camouflage nets are used in a wide variety of industries. But alongside being used by TV studios, festivals and animal sanctuaries, they’re also used by landscape gardeners and event organisers to create Triangle sun shade structures and privacy screens

Certified Fire Retardant Desert Camouflage Netting

As we supply to a range of different industries, all with varying safety requirements, we do everything to ensure our products meet those requirements. One way that we do this is to supply our clients with fire retardant camouflage netting. We design all our fire retardant camo nets to pass British Standards BS 5867 test. Our products are all independently tested by a UK lab at regular intervals to meet the requirements. 

Alongside being fire retardant, this custom-size desert camouflage netting is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. It is built to withstand all weather conditions by undergoing UV and anti-rot and mould treatments. 

Order Your Desert Camo Net in the Size You Need

If you need a specific size of camo netting for your next project, then our custom-size desert camo net is an excellent choice. It’s available in lengths up to 12m and widths up to 12m, so you’ll be able to get the precise size you need. 
Need a bigger size? Check out our large camouflage netting or get in touch with us by calling 01527 559205 or emailing

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