Camouflage Props in Film, TV and Theatre

The first thing that springs to mind when you think about camouflage and camouflage netting isn’t the theatrical arts, is it? The majority of us would instantly think of how the military uses camouflage. At a stretch, we’d maybe think about movies we’ve seen camouflage in.
But camouflage netting and props are often used in TV, film and theatres around the world. They’re used when creating military epics like 1917, but they’re also in various other genres. The connection between camouflage netting and dramatic productions isn’t new. Set designers and artists were pivotal in the development of camouflage during and following World War I

Camouflage Props

If you’re a budding set designer or you’re looking for new elements to introduce to your set, we’re here to help. Camonets have been supplying clients like Pinewood Studios, 20th Century Fox and the BBC for many years, and we’re experts in our field. This guide will give you an overview of how camouflage is used in TV, films and theatres worldwide and give you some inspiration for your next project.

Camouflage on the Big Screen

Film studios, theatre productions and TV companies use camouflage netting to create scenes, cover materials and objects, and military or period projects. Understandably, camouflage netting has been used in many military movies over the years, such as:

  • Where Eagles Dare
  • A Bridge Too Far
  • The Eagle Has Landed

But it’s not just military films that have put camouflage to good use. Tons of non-military genres have featured camouflage, such as:

  • The Star Wars franchises
  • Star Trek
  • James Bond
  • Avatar

At Camonets, we provide TV companies and film production firms camo net props to order. So, whether you’re preparing for a product launch, theme party, outdoor event — we’ve literally got it covered.

Uses of Camouflage Props in Film, TV and Theatres

While camouflage props and netting have become staples in theatres, studios and movie sets worldwide, it can be challenging to know where to start with them. Obviously, camouflage can be used for military uniforms, but the variety of colours available means that you can use camouflage netting for almost anything, such as:

  • Hiding unwanted items
  • Creating a more appealing backdrop for a shot
  • Manipulating light to get the perfect shot
  • Creating snowy, woodland and desert scenes
  • Covering filming equipment and camera rigs

The ability of camouflage to conceal and look like a natural environment makes it perfect as a theatrical production. Whether you want to create an outdoor woodland scene or hide props, equipment and even characters in the frame, our range of camouflage netting means you can do it easily.

Other Industries That Use Camouflage Netting

It’s not just Hollywood, theatres and TV studios that use camo netting. It’s used by lots of businesses and in some industries that might just surprise you.
Camouflage netting can be highly effective in retail store displays and for broader experiential marketing events. It’s also widely used at indoor and outdoor parties and by paintball companies and theme parks.  Hunters, shooting enthusiasts, fishing hobbyists, nature reserves and photographers, and even bird watchers have all been bitten by the camo bug.
The netting can also be used in less commercial settings such as:

Ordering Camouflage Netting for Your Business

Working out what you need and how much you need to order can be challenging if you’re new to camouflage netting. At Camonets, we’ve helped to find the perfect netting for hundreds of clients, including:

  • 20th Century Fox
  • Pinewood Studios
  • BBC
  • Center Parks
  • Glastonbury Festival

We’ve been keeping the UK undercover for years, and we supply to corporate, trade and consumer markets. So, to help you to find the perfect camouflage netting for your next project, we’ve put together three steps to choosing your camo netting:

Step 1: Choose the colour and style camouflage you need

We have one of the most extensive selections of camo netting in the world, which means you can find exactly the style and colour you need. Our range of military-style camo nets include:

But alongside our landscape specific nets, we also stock camouflage nets in a range of colours:

  • Black
  • White
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Yellow.

Many of our nets are fire retardant, available with or without backing and reinforced to ensure durability. You’ll also find all the accessories you need to fit your camo netting on each of our category pages.

Step 2: Measure and choose the size you need

Once you’ve chosen the perfect style and colour of camouflage netting for your project, you’ll need to find the right size net. Many of our nets are available in custom sizes, but we also offer a vast range of standard sizes that cover most customers’ needs.
Once used only for military purposes, camouflage netting is now used in a wide range of areas. Versatile, adaptable, and sturdy, these specially designed camo nets start from just £3.49 (Inc VAT) per m2. We have more than six different high-quality options available. We also stock White Camo Netting, Snow Camouflage Net and Arctic Camo Net.

Step 3: Order your camouflage netting

Now that you’ve found the perfect camouflage and the right size for your project, you can place your order through our product page. We do our very best to ship on the same day, providing your order is before noon on a working day.
If you’re not quite sure about the camouflage netting you need, you can order samples of our range. Doing this means you can test to see if the colour and material is suitable for the job. While we charge for our samples, we are happy to refund the sample costs if your subsequent order is over £100.
Camonets is the number one supplier in the UK. We deliver camo netting in a wide variety of styles, from black camo netting to desert camouflage netting, and we even offer a camouflage net that is pure white (perfect if you’re out spotting polar bears, but we wouldn’t recommend that). Explore our complete range today.