TV, Film & Theatre Props

We provide TV companies and film production firms cam net props to order. Whether you’re preparing for a product launch, theme party, outdoor event or security – we’ve got it covered.
Camo netting is used by lots of businesses and in some industries that might just surprise you…

Film companies, theatre productions and TV companies and productions all use CamoNets to create scenes or to cover materials and objects and for period or military projects.

Camouflage netting can be highly effective in retail store displays, for wider experiential marketing events, it’s also widely used at indoor & outdoor parties, paint-ball companies and theme parks and it’s widely used by hunting, shooting and fishing hobbyists, nature reserves and photographers, and even bird watchers – have all been bitten by the camo-bug!

We make them to your size…
Once used only for military purposes, camouflage netting is now used in a wide range of areas. Versatile, adaptable, and sturdy, these specially designed camo nets start from just £3.49 (Inc VAT) per m2
Camonets have more than six different high quality options available, we also stock White Camo Netting, Snow Camouflage Net and Arctic Camo Net.

Available in loads of colours…
Whether you are looking for black, white, red, blue, green or desert camo nets, you can find it here! We also offer specially designed flame retardant netting as well as used nets. Everything you need when it comes to camo nets and accessories can be found right here at

We supply both trade and consumer markets
We supply Camo Netting to corporate clients as diverse as film studios to safari parks. Boasting an impressive client list, like 20th Century Fox, Pinewood Studios and Center Parcs, we’ve been keeping the UK under cover for years.

The number one supplier in the UK, we can deliver camo netting in a wide variety of styles, from black camo netting to desert camouflage netting, and we even offer a camouflage net that is pure white (perfect if you’re out spotting polar bears, but we wouldn’t recommend that).