Why Choose Camonet by the Metre?

Buying a camouflage net by the metre offers many advantages:

A wide choice of sizes and colours and an advantageous price. As a manufacturer, camonets.com offers a wide range of camouflage fabric by the metre. If you need you camouflage net to be 3m wide by 4m long you really don’t want to have to buy a size 3m x 6m and cut it down yourself and have some offcut you can’t use. Well now you don’t have to because we offer camo nets
off a roll that allow you to choose the length you need for your project. Decide the width you need then choose from a range of lengths from 3m up to 30m. No more waste.

Camouflage net sold by the metre

Our online store offers 3 categories of tailor-made camouflage netting and tarpaulins: the classic fireproof netting, the reinforced netting and, both reinforced and fireproof netting. It is thus possible to choose the tailor-made net that perfectly meets your needs. Classic fire retardant nets are recommended for indoor use or near a heat source. Reinforced nets are more robust and are designed to withstand the elements. Both reinforced and flame retardant nets combine the advantages of both categories. The eco camouflage netting can be used indoors, for purely decorative purposes.

Camouflage net by the metre color options

The range of colors for made-to-measure nets is very extensive. You can also find typically military colours, such as woodland or sand nets, or decorative nets such as pink, blue or white nets. Most nets are made up of two-tone layers, for example light grey and charcoal grey. Woodland nets are available in two options: either green on one side and brown on the other, or with a camouflage pattern identical to that found on military clothing.

Do these camouflage nets need a hem?

The way camouflage nets are made prevents them from fraying when cut which means you don’t need to hem, no matter what size camouflage fabric per meter you choose. The reinforced nets are fitted with a fixing rope around their entire circumference. When ordering a reinforced net to your own measurements, we cut the net first, then we manually place the reinforcement rope over the surface and perimeter. This gives you a product identical to a reinforced net manufactured in the factory.

What dimensions of the nets by the metre do you have available at camonets.com?

The advantage of ordering a camouflage net sold by the metre is that the possible combination of dimensions is very extensive. Classic fireproof nets are available in 3 widths: 2, 4 and 6 metres. You can then set any length between 2 and 30 metres, in multiples of one metre. If you want to order a reinforced camouflage net by the metre, you have the choice between widths of 2 to 12 metres and lengths of 3 to 12 metres. The number of combinations is therefore very large. The eco camouflage netting is available in widths from 3 m to 7.50 m and lengths from 4 to 30 m. If, despite everything, you cannot find a camouflage fabric by the metre in the dimensions you need, our customer service is at your disposal to find a solution.

Use of a camouflage net sold by the metre

There are many reasons to use camouflage fabric by the metre. Individuals most often use it to cover an arbor or pergola, or to protect themselves from prying eyes. Professionals in the hotel and catering industry use them to fit out terraces, bars or lounges. The camouflage net sold by the metre is also very interesting for outdoor activities such as hunting, fishing or nature photography. If you manage a sports facility such as paintball or airsoft, a camouflage net reinforced by the metre can be used to organize your spaces optimally, at little cost.

How much does a camouflage net cost per metre?

One of the many advantages of ordering a reinforced camouflage net by the metre or a custom net is that the prices are very favourable. These nets are sold by the square metre. Thanks to our calculator, you can very easily obtain a price for your chosen dimensions. The cheapest custom net is the eco camouflage net. The flame retardant camouflage netting is a little more expensive but it is of a higher quality. It is suitable for all uses, whether for individuals or professionals. Flame retardant and reinforced nets are the most expensive, but their price remains very reasonable compared to their quality and robustness. As a leading European manufacturer in our market, we can offer very competitive prices without compromising on the reliability and longevity of our products.