Five Industries That Use Military Camouflage

Military camouflage netting is typically something that we associate with soldiers and warfare. But it’s not only the armed forces that use camo nets. The visual deception that camouflage provides makes it perfect for many other industries. Modern camouflage patterns make it possible to conceal yourself in almost any environment. There are even digital camouflage patterns. Anglers, hunters and photographers now all use camouflage.

Five Industries That Use Military Camouflage

Camouflage patterns and techniques make military camouflage ideal for some surprising industries. At Camonets, we supply clients that wouldn’t spring to mind when you think of camouflage.  If you’re looking for new ways to use camouflage in your industry, keep reading.

A Brief History of Military Camouflage

Before jumping into how modern industries use camouflage, it’s good to know how we got to this point. It might come as a bit of a surprise that militaries have only been using camouflage for just over a century.

Film Studios, TV Production Companies and Theatres

It’s no surprise that military camouflage features in plays, films and TV for war scenes. But it’s not just army flicks that use camouflage. While there’s a demand for camouflage to make army scenes, army camo net appears in all genres.

Set designers around the world use camouflage netting for various purposes, such as:

  • Creating woodland, desert and arctic scenes
  • Hiding unwanted items from view
  • Creating specific lighting effects

Theme Parks

Theme parks are often about complete immersion into the thrill of amusements. Seeing all the machinery that makes rollercoasters fun can break the spell. Theme parks use camouflage netting to hide areas from their thrill-seekers.

But that’s not all they’re used for. Both Thorpe Park and Alton Towers also use camouflage netting to:

  • Create shaded areas for their guests
  • Design environment-specific rollercoasters and rides
  • Build immersive guest experiences

Zoos and Safari Parks

One of the most important parts of running a zoo or safari park is ensuring the animals’ wellbeing. Taking them from their natural habitat and moving them to a new environment can be a jarring experience for the animals. Zoos and safari parks do all they can to help the animals to adjust and feel more settled.

They do this is by using camouflage netting to replicate the colours of their natural environments.  woodland, white and desert camouflage are all perfect for different enclosures. But while it makes the animals feel more at home, zoos and safari parks also use camouflage netting to:

  • Create more immersive guest experiences
  • Build shaded areas for both animals and guests
  • Disguise equipment, fences and cages

Music Festivals

Glastonbury might be the last place you’d expect to find camouflage — beyond cheap pop-up tents. But music festivals and events use camouflage for a range of reasons,  such as:

  • Creating respite areas for festival-goers
  • Hiding sound and filming equipment on stage
  • Building privacy screens for the bands and performers

Landscape Gardeners

The way that camouflage patterns blend with natural surroundings makes them ideal for gardens. Landscape gardeners often use camouflage netting to:

  • Create shaded areas for decking and patios
  • Build privacy screens
  • Cover fences and unwanted garden equipment for a more natural design

And it’s not just garden design that uses camo netting. Some interior designers are also incorporating netting into their designs. Camo nets are an excellent choice for themed bedrooms for kids and features.

Reasons Different Industries Use Military Camouflage

Surprised by any of the industries that use camo netting? You might now be wondering why they use camo netting instead of other materials. But while there are alternatives, there are several good reasons industries use camo:

  • Replicates natural foliage — Camouflage patterns mimic environments, making them ideal for a vast range of projects.
  • Durable — Most camo netting is shower-proof and rot-resistant so that they last longer than other materials. Reinforced netting is also available.
  • Fire retardant — Many industries need fire retardant certification to use materials in public spaces. Our fire retardant camo nets are regularly tested to British standards to ensure safety.
  • Available in a range of colours — Camo nets are available in a massive range of colours beyond just woodland, arctic and desert camouflage. You can get blue, red, yellow and black camo netting. This means it’s suitable for a wide variety of projects.

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